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Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Charity Shop Charm

As a blogger I do get gifted quite a lot of clothes and for once I wanted to show what kind of things you can find in charity shops on a small budget. There are only a couple of accessories that were gifted to me by brands in these photos and the rest is either from charity shops or from Primark! My friend Kayla and I have always shopped at charity shops, especially when I first started out as a blogger and the majority of the clothes that I own are from charity shops. I think this is what helped me start out at first as I could always find something unique that no one else had which brought a lot of attention. I think that people underestimate the gems that you can find while routing through everyone's old clothes as gross as that sounds (don't worry, they usually clean them). For example the shoes that I'm wearing in these photos, they're weird but wonderful and I probably wouldn't have been able to find anything similar without paying a lot of money (platforms/buffalo style shoes are always so expensive!!). I also got the skirt and black denim jacket from a charity shop which I was so happy with as it's exactly the right oversized size (if that makes sense) and I love the colour. Another great thing about shopping in charity shops is that the money helps someone else, so you get cheap clothes and someone else's life improves at the same time! This whole outfit, excluding the jewellery and tights, cost me just under £15. The top is from Primark but I looked on the website and it's not there anymore so I've linked similar. I think it was around £3 from Primark but the one linked isn't too much more, it also has more detail in the middle and you get 2 in a pack too!

Top - Missguided (similar)
Denim Jacket - Charity Shop £4
Skirt - Charity Shop £1.50
Shoes - Charity Shop £5
*Ring - Regal Rose
*Tights - We Love Colors
*Goat Skull Necklace - Hellaholics (similar)
Turtle Necklace - A gift from my boyfriend, sorry I don't know where it's from!

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