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Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Nobody Cares

My mom and I just painted the wall in my back garden white so now I don't have to be stared at by strange men when I'm taking photos (my least favourite thing about being a blogger). That might mean that you see it in pretty much all my photos now, I'll try and mix it up a bit though! I really love this dress as it is the perfect fit, (and it's pink!). The elastic round the middle really defines the waist and the length of the dress is just how I like it - not too long but not showin' off my butt. The dress, bag and phone case are from Spoiled Brat, an online shop which sells some of my favourite brands. I like having this bag around because if someone says something boring I can just point to it to highlight how I feel (it's also really roomy). I used to have the Blanco phone case from ages ago but then my phone got stolen and I was devastated! So of course I had to add it into the little bundle that was being sent to me and now Blanco is back in my life.

*Dress - Valfré
*Bag - Killstar (bag no longer available on Spoiled Brat)
*Phone case - Valfré
*Tights - We Love Colors
*Shoes - Public Desire